Youth of the year Talia Miller

Youth Of The Year Experience by Talia Miller

Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting five other girls from neighbouring schools, all part of a competition for Youth Of The Year. Run by the Lions Club, three thousand students from all over NSW compete, attending first an interview, and later a public speaking event where they give a five minute prepared speech, as well as answer two impromptu questions.

The interview occurred the day before the speeches, where a panel of judges gave scores based on a multitude of categories, and the speeches were all presented the next night.

It was a highly enjoyable evening, where I listened to the girls give interesting speeches on a variety of topics, ranging from societal issues today to medical advancements and the psychology of dreams.

I had the luck of being chosen to speak first, where I spoke about Kintsugi, a form of Japanese pottery, merging it with the concept of acting as a hero. I also answered the impromptu questions on how my life would be different without the internet (very!) and whether terrorism should be of concern.

While Masada won no prizes, it was an amazing night, and I had a great experience.


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