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Located in Sydney’s leafy North Shore, Masada College is a Jewish co-educational school. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to our Jewish College, which prides itself on inclusivity. Our educational mission is to raise responsible individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and confidence in their ability to determine their own future. So it’s not surprising that our graduates win scholarships and awards and embark on a diverse range of career paths. We take great pride in hearing of their involvement in the community and their successes post-school.

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The H.I.V.E of potential

It may look like just a humble beehive, but it’s so much more. It’s a close-knit community of individuals, each with their own desires, but all with one common goal: to live in a world where everyone has a place.

This is the foundation of the Masada College H.I.V.E educational ecosystem, which nurtures Happiness, Inclusion, Values, Edge. It’s about using insights to nurture our children’s individual strengths, ensuring each becomes a stronger part of the whole.

And by our children, we mean yours. Because we’re open to students of any background. It’s part of the inclusive Jewish culture and a core value of the H.I.V.E. So enrol, and offer your children an exceptional education today which will give them the EDGE they need for tomorrow.


The Masada College journey begins from age two, when toddlers join our Masada Cottage Early Learning Centre. After this, they move through to our three and four-year-old classes, then to our junior school. Finally, they graduate from our senior school as well-rounded, community-minded Australian citizens with a strong sense of their heritage and future and a lifelong ability to think creatively and independently.

We pride ourselves on strong academic results in the Higher School Certificate, consistently placing in the top schools in New South Wales. However, our real success stories are not the ones published in the league tables. They are those students who exceed their own expectations thanks to the individual attention they receive here. Their enhanced performance comes down to the encouragement of their teachers, the smaller class sizes as well as the collaboration of teachers and parents.

Our Vision Statement:
Masada College will be internationally renowned for Jewish values and educational excellence.

Our Mission Statement:

In our students, through Jewish values and a nurturing community, Masada College engages and instills a genuine love of learning with a quest for excellence.


A Culture of Thinking and Leader in Me

Leading learning, our educational package, has aligned all our programs, nurturing our students to reach their maximum potential both in and out of the classroom. It’s all designed to help us raise responsible, individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and the confidence to determine their own future.

Our programs include Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me®, the Harvard Culture of Thinking and our Raising Responsibility behavioural management system. The principles of each are equally applicable in the home and workplace, as recipes for productivity and success.
We look forward to welcoming your children to Masada College.

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In 1962, a group of Jewish parents on Sydney’s North Shore set up the North Shore Jewish Kindergarten. Four years later, in 1966, realising that the future of the North Shore Jewish community would depend on the existence of a Jewish Day School, they established Masada Primary School. The school began with just 14 students housed on the premises of the North Shore Synagogue in Lindfield and its growth was rapid and impressive. Within a few short years, the North Shore Jewish community boasted a thriving Jewish Primary School.

It soon became apparent that a high school was needed. This was established in 1982 and the following year, it was relocated to the newly-purchased campus in St Ives (now known as the Michael Faktor Campus). Initially, the high school had 60 students in years 7 and 8, and an early learning centre was also created. In addition, the campus also became home to the new Kehillat Masada Synagogue and in 1990 the Rachael and Reuben Pelerman Centre was added to the campus. The Sir Asher Joel Synagogue was extended and upgraded in 2003, along with the campus’s resource centre.

By 2014, Masada College farewelled its Lindfield site and consolidated on one campus in St Ives: a momentous event in our history.

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