Year 10 Living Historians Presentations

The Year 10 students should be congratulated on their interviews, polished presentations and singing performances for their chosen historians. Sincere thanks to our willing historians for sharing their stories: Ana Le Leon, Gaby de Leon, Egon Sonneschein, Lucy Chladek, Jacqui Dale and George Sternfeld for participating in the Living Historians program as our students learnt a great deal about their interesting lives and experiences and in the process have also made some wonderful connections. Whilst this meaningful program is important for our students to gain a deeper knowledge of the atrocities from the holocaust, it also helped them better understand the ideals of hope and forgiveness for the future. This program also links perfectly for our students with their trip to Israel and Poland for later in the school year. Thank you to Mrs Seftel for her tireless work and efforts in again leading the Living Historians program, along with Mr Turkia for guiding our students in their learning.


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