Year 6 Masada students in Field of Study

The Power of Why

Explore, discover and finally get those burning questions answered at the Masada College Year 6 Field of Study Exhibition.

Critical and creative thinking not only permeates the ethos at Masada College, it’s expressed in the school curriculum as well, as can be seen by the diverse questions posed recently by Year 6 students who got to present their findings at their Field of Study Exhibition.

“The Year 6 Students presented projects they had created around their chosen interest areas. They devised their own inquiry questions to drive research and deeper thinking about the topics,” said Year 6 teacher Naomi Shacham. Research questions included: “How can small creatures be so deadly?”, “How does petrol make cars go?’” and “How have Nintendo games changed over time?”

“The children showed just how knowledgeable and passionate about their topics they are, answering questions and explaining highlights of their projects to parents, grandparents, teachers and other Masada Junior School students,” said Shacham.

From coding to healthy eating, aeroplane safety and golf, each project was thoroughly researched and then expertly presented by the students, who not only learnt a lot but will hopefully remain inspired to answer some more of life’s “whys”.


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