The Art of Leadership: notes from Harvard University

By Martin Tait, College Principal


This week I have been inspired by passionate lecturers and professors, along with 132 other like-minded educators and leaders from across the globe through the course, “The Art of Leadership”, held at Harvard University, Boston. Besides having the privilege to be in an environment that promotes collaborative and open discussions along with experiential learning, the course provided an opportunity for school leaders to reflect on their practice, expand their skills, and become more effective leaders of instructional change. Masada College continues to have a close association with Harvard University through our Cultures of Thinking philosophy and Project Zero learnings. The following program norms to start the course definitely resonated with me and I think could be applied to multiple situations, no matter the environment. They are:

Be Present
– Be willing to embrace the cohort experience
– Give yourself permission for creative leadership reflection

Pay Attention
– Be in learning/reflecting mode

Speak Your Truth
– Be sensitive about confidentiality
– What’s said here stays here

Be Open to Outcomes
– Be aware of how the diversity competencies connect to your leadership
– What’s learned here leaves here

Create a Safe Environment
– Be sensitive to the multiple contexts represented amongst the participants
– Be mindful of the code of conduct

I look forward to further sharing my reflections upon my return to school.



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