Students using their creativity with building blocks

Rosh Hashanah Assembly 2018

This year’s Junior School Rosh Hashanah assembly was all about personal change.
It began with students watching a video called the Chinese Bamboo which showed them that for the first five years after bamboo is planted, nothing happens as it is building its foundation under the ground. Then, in its 5th year, it shoots up very fast and tall, kind of like our students. 
Students then used blocks to demonstrate this message. Each student had to build a tower. The first student with one block, the second student with two blocks and so on.  Then, the tables were shaken and the students noted that the towers with more foundation blocks were still standing. Again, we saw that you need a strong foundations to make solid and lasting changes.
In the last experience, students made slime to show that is it never too late to change -you don’t have to think that you will live your whole life as glue, because with the right ingredients, you can blossom into an awesome slime.
Year 4 teacher Mrs. Nikki Grauman got this feedback from students:
“I learnt that like the slime experiment where you have to use all the ingredients to make something, we need to use all we have – all the good things around us – to make something work.”
“I felt that the Bamboo story connected with us because what we feel or work through inside ourselves doesn’t always show on the outside and we don’t always know what other people are working on or going through. We always need to be kind to others because we all have things we are trying to deal with or work through on the inside that may not be easy to see on the outside.”


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