Roots Project Winners

This term Year 9 students completed the Roots Project which required them to research their family history, investigating their heritage and allowing them to appreciate their identity. This project is a UIA initiative, giving students a chance to win a $1000 towards a recognised program to Israel. Mazal Tov to joint winners Zoe Budai and Daniel Belzycki!

Zoe is planning to put the prize money towards the Masada Israel Tour (MIT), which takes place at the end of Year 10. “I have learned so much about myself, my family and my history. I also learned what it means to be Jewish and how much it impacts my daily life,” said Zoe.

Daniel said the project was very meaningful to his family as it opened an opportunity to learn about and pass on the stories of his family, some of whom had perished in the Holocaust. “I spent a lot of time talking to my grandparents and because of this, I have learned so much about my ancestors and their stories,” said Daniel.

We also congratulate the Roots Project finalists Joshua Marx, Gila Lewin, Arin Ginsberg and Ricky Maltz.

One of the judges for the Roots project was Penny Hurst, the KH-UIA International Women’s Division President.  Penny Hurst OAM said, “This year’s projects were of an exceptionally high standard and a credit to the school and their families. It was such a pleasure for me to read how their research further enhanced their love and connection to their Jewish heritage and Israel.”





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