Refugee Challenge Sleepout

By Ms Liora Hayman, Jewish Life

A few weeks ago, our students in Years 8-11 were invited to participate in the Refugee Challenge Sleep Out organised by the Year 12 prefects. Students slept over at our school, in outdoor conditions and experienced a full simulation refugee camp, highlighting what it is like for refugees living in camps as well as urban refugees and asylum seekers. The Refugee Challenge was not only a great way for the students to engage with and gain the respect of their peers, but it also gave them a major sense of appreciation, as well as the chance to feel empathy towards the plight of refugees and the harsh reality they must face in order to escape persecution and other dangers. It enabled the students to gain a more profound understanding of the challenges, difficult decisions and experiences a refugee may encounter.

Students come away feeling informed and encouraged to look to the needs of others as well as empowered to consider alternatives, solutions, and practical changes that may inspire better outcomes for people seeking safety and ultimately generate a more welcoming and compassionate society.

Kol Hakavod to the leaders for putting together an outstanding and memorable event!


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