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One school, one campus, one place to begin your school journey: Masada Cottage Early Learning Centre

From purpose-built facilities designed with the interests of little ones at heart, to a unified, community feeling in the classroom, there’s something warm, inviting and nurturing about Masada Cottage Early Learning Centre. “Part of it comes from having our entire College on one campus,” says Masada Cottage coordinator, Robyn Cohen. “Children thrive in the familiar environment that becomes their second home from the age of two, when our ELC begins, until they reach Year 12,” she says. Being on one campus also means that little ones become familiar not only with their environment, but with teachers as well, as Masada Cottage ELC students have lessons in Hebrew, sport and music with the specialist Junior School teachers. This means that both teachers and students can build a rapport with each other before more formal schooling begins. “Our ELC is also included in Junior School events like Mother’s’ Day and Father’s’ Day breakfasts, Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations and special assemblies throughout the year. This encourages the development of friendships between different age groups- something that’s quite unique to Masada College,” she says. Masada College also hosts a monthly Year K-2 and ELC combined Shabbat experience, which is another way that ELC students are given a smooth transition to “big school”.

Of course, it goes without saying that Masada Cottage offers a comprehensive school- readiness program and a supportive staff teaching environment, which allows for ELC teachers to prepare and advise Junior School teachers on the needs of the students. “We are a really cohesive team,” says Robyn. “A lot of the staff have been at the school for a number of years which makes coming to work feel like you’re getting to see your friends,” she says. And long daycare hours combined with an extensive preschool program that caters to the needs of the students means Masada Cottage ELC is able to give each child the support they need to truly reach their potential.

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