Masada College students depict the stories of Holocaust Survivors

All Year 10 College Masada students were involved in the Living Historians Program, interviewing child Survivors of the Holocaust. This year they were fortunate to engage with George Sternfeld from Poland, Jacqui Dale from France, Egon Sonnenshein from Slovenia and Joe Symon from Hungary. Each story was pertinent to its respective time and place as well as huge sadness, loss and remarkable resilience in survival.

After a month of creativity, and with Years 7, 8 and 9 as their audience, the students depicted the stories of survival in script, drama, power point, artwork and music. All these renditions reflected thought, empathy and understanding as well as deep talent with which this cohort is blessed.

From Chopin’s Nocturne #20, Jakov Shwekey’s ‘We are a Miracle’ to a Klezmer band arrangement of a Psalm of David, the hall resounded with skill and verve. The audience and survivors alike were impressed. Rabbi Lewin calls Masada students the ‘Candle Generation’ – they have indeed demonstrated their light and continued respect for the stories of their elders. Kol hakavod to them all!

– Marion Seftel Senior History Teacher



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