Masada College Privileged to have known Eddie Jaku

When a family member passes, there is intense personal sorrow. When a community stalwart and Shoah survivor’s life comes to an end, there is indeed intense community sorrow. Such is the sadness across Sydney and its entire Jewish community this week as we process and mourn the passing of Eddie Jaku on October 12th, the sixth day of Cheshvan. Eddie was a huge personality and great friend of Masada College over 25 years.

For past Masada students and the parent body, Eddie was ageless, ever elegant and always generous with his time and spirit as he crossed the bridge countless times to transmit his experiences and to give of himself and his wisdom. No Masada student will ever forget the positive aura that surrounded him as he delved into awful times and unspeakable places, through which he emerged to ensure his future life had meaning.

Eddie spoke of reconciliation, positivity and an absence of hatred for the perpetrators. He taught our students the value of living a meaningful life, walking beside one’s friends, always encouraging them, giving a hand up and a warm smile.

What a lifelong Mensch you were, Eddie and we at Masada feel privileged to have had your company and wise words at the College for so many years. May we always honour your memory.

– Marion Seftel, HSIE Teacher, Masada College


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