Intercultural Volunteer Program for Masada College and Unity Grammar School

By Martin Tait –  College Principal

Recently I had the pleasure of attending an excursion with a number of our Year 10 students to the Exodus Foundation as part of an intercultural volunteer program at a Homeless Shelter in Ashfield.

Along with Unity Grammar School, our students worked in group shifts which were designed to give the volunteers a holistic experience of restaurant operations. Each shift started with a site induction, after which the volunteers were allocated to a range of roles according to the restaurant’s needs. This included food preparation, restaurant set-up, food and beverage service, the creation of emergency food parcels, and cleaning. I am pleased to say that our students were excellent ambassadors for the College and learnt about the importance of volunteering, as well as at the same time gaining some wonderful connections with students from Unity Grammar School.

Our students were also very fortunate to meet Rev Bill Crews, the founder of the Exodus Foundation. Rev Crews was the recipient of the 2015 NSW Human Rights Award which pays tribute to those who support the disadvantaged and marginalized and endeavor to make NSW a better community. We look forward to more opportunities with them in the future. For further information on the incredible work the Exodus Foundation does each and every day, please visit exodusfoundation.org.au/

I would like to thank Osman Karolia, Head of Community Engagement from Unity Grammar for helping provide this opportunity for our students.



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