HSC Results: Top Jewish Day School in NSW

Masada College is thrilled to announce we are ranked 35 in State, making us the TOP-PERFORMING JEWISH DAY SCHOOL IN NSW!!! Our HSC students also achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Modern Hebrew and 2nd place for Modern History.

“These outstanding results are due to the exceptional talent, dedication and commitment of our teachers and the students in this particular cohort,” says College Principal Martin Tait. “However, this commitment doesn’t start in Year 12. It starts in our preschool for the many students who began their Masada College journey there, and who have been fortunate to see the full cycle of a Masada education and reap the benefits of individualized attention, smaller classes and the nurturing environment that Masada offers. This is how we are where we are and how we achieved these extraordinary results. Kol hakavod to our leadership team, under the guidance of Megan Laing, Head of Senior School, who have proven that passion and experience pay off. We thank the community for their ongoing support and wish Mazaltov to all the families of year 12 2019 students.”


See more about our HSC results are Year 12 cohort here.



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