Unattended packed bags

Dignity Clothes Sort Drive

By Anila Bonfil

On the 3rd of April, over a dozen volunteers from Year 7 to Year 12 gathered to help make a difference within our community. The work they set out to do was to help sort 37 boxes of donated clothing for the organisation Dignity. Dignity is an Australian organization that provides safe refuges for those experiencing homelessness or domestic abuse. They shelter around 220 guests per night while helping them get back on their feet. Part of their hospitality involves providing their guests with clothing sets, as many who are in their positions do not have anything to their names. Our diligent volunteers sorted through the bundled clothing, mostly loose stock donated by various large retailers such as Target and K-mart, and packed them by gender and size so that those who need them will be able to access the correct clothing as quickly as possible. Their tremendous effort meant that this enormous task was completed in just an hour and a half, definitely a feat for all to be proud of.



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