Senior School “IVRITIME” language magazine.

The Senior School Languages Department is delighted to share with you its 5th edition of “IVRITIME” language magazine. This publication showcases the initiatives and programs at Masada College, aimed at developing the students’ language skills. ”IVRITIME” magazine features work from across the grades and explores a broad range of topics in both Hebrew and Chinese. This edition features an overview of our new initiatives, a classical Hebrew writing piece, and explores the learning covered in Chinese.
Our Project Based program has our students producing podcasts and video blogs for entry into language competitions, and students were absolutely delighted to receive The Sydney University award in recognition of their efforts. Such wonderful outcomes could not have been achieved without the hard work and determination of the students to excel in their language skills, as well as the consistent encouragement from their teachers.
I trust that you will enjoy reading the wonderful quality of student writing in the magazine. – Adi Halevi, Head of Languages.


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