2020 HSC Outcomes – Strength of a Community

Masada College 2020 Year 12 cohort will be remembered for their resilience and the way they united as a cohesive team to support each other through the incredible challenges of COVID-19.  With the release of the 2020 HSC results, what resonates is the strength of the Masada Community – this is a community that is supportive, committed and caring.

The College was very pleased with the HSC results, with 54% of students achieving an ATAR of greater than 85 and a median ATAR of 86.  The College was particularly proud of the students achieving 100% Band 5 or 6 in 12 courses.

The College congratulates the HSC Dux, Seiji Kawanami who achieved an ATAR of 98.55 and the College Dux, Ran Ashkenazi.

Masada College Principal, Martin Tait says, “Mazal tov to all students for their hard work, dedication and commitment to succeed. Masada students are supported to access a well-rounded education that offers opportunities beyond simply test scores. We have faith and confidence in the students who will leave us to enter a new, exciting and challenging world.”

Read our full HSC Outcomes 2020 here.



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