Thinking with Technologies

Drawing inspiration and experience from our decade-long journey in learning alongside the team at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education ‘Project Zero’ team, we offer an opportunity for educators and school leaders who want to develop and embed a thinking culture in their classrooms and schools with a focus on technologies.

With a focus on Technologies, we draw on the research of Ritchhart, Church and Morrison in ‘Making Thinking Visible’ and ‘Creating Cultures of Thinking’ to determine how the integration of technologies can be more meaningful and make thinking and learning more visible, active and valued in our classrooms and schools.

  • Within this course, which runs over two days across the term, we will explore:
  • How can we make student thinking visible with technologies in a rich and transformative way?
  • How can we integrate technologies to promote deeper reflective learning and help students better understand their own thinking and learning processes?
  • Building on our highly acclaimed course ‘Building Capability for Critical and Creative Thinking’, professional learners will focus on practical pedagogy using technologies to make the thinking visible in their classrooms. Whilst desirable, the experience of ‘Making Thinking Visible’ or ‘Creating Cultures of Thinking’ is not expected or necessary to benefit from this professional learning course.

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