Masada College Wins Top Hebrew School

Every year, Masada College students have the opportunity to participate in The Education Perfect Languages Championship. With approximately 200,000 participants, this online event, which celebrates learning in Languages and other subjects, is a great opportunity to inspire students to learn while competing on a global scale.

Three of our students received bronze awards, placing them in the top 10% of all competitors. Three students also received silver awards placing them in the top 5% of all competitors.

Rachael Melamed (yr 8) placed 2nd in Hebrew and Benjamin Shacknofsky (yr 9) placed 3rd. Masada College received the title TOP HEBREW SCHOOL

Kol Hakavod to all competitors!

Refugee Challenge Sleepout

By Ms Liora Hayman, Jewish Life

A few weeks ago, our students in Years 8-11 were invited to participate in the Refugee Challenge Sleep Out organised by the Year 12 prefects. Students slept over at our school, in outdoor conditions and experienced a full simulation refugee camp, highlighting what it is like for refugees living in camps as well as urban refugees and asylum seekers. The Refugee Challenge was not only a great way for the students to engage with and gain the respect of their peers, but it also gave them a major sense of appreciation, as well as the chance to feel empathy towards the plight of refugees and the harsh reality they must face in order to escape persecution and other dangers. It enabled the students to gain a more profound understanding of the challenges, difficult decisions and experiences a refugee may encounter.

Students come away feeling informed and encouraged to look to the needs of others as well as empowered to consider alternatives, solutions, and practical changes that may inspire better outcomes for people seeking safety and ultimately generate a more welcoming and compassionate society.

Kol Hakavod to the leaders for putting together an outstanding and memorable event!

Mums ‘n Bubs Challah bake and Shabbat table.

Masada College invites you to join us at a Mums ‘n Bubs Challah bake and Shabbat table.

When: 20 September 2019
Time: 9am – 10:15 am
Where: We will begin at the Masada Cottage ELC
Who: All bubs aged 1-4 years old and their mums, grandparents or caregiver

What you and your bubs can look forward to:

– Rosh Hashanah card making

– Apples and honey tasting

– Challah making

– Songs laughter and a warm Jewish atmosphere that Masada College is known for

This event is free of charge so spread the word- we’d love bobbas, aunts, cousins and friends to join us!

Please sign up and let us know you’ll be coming here


The Masada College team



Intercultural Volunteer Program for Masada College and Unity Grammar School

By Martin Tait –  College Principal

Recently I had the pleasure of attending an excursion with a number of our Year 10 students to the Exodus Foundation as part of an intercultural volunteer program at a Homeless Shelter in Ashfield.

Along with Unity Grammar School, our students worked in group shifts which were designed to give the volunteers a holistic experience of restaurant operations. Each shift started with a site induction, after which the volunteers were allocated to a range of roles according to the restaurant’s needs. This included food preparation, restaurant set-up, food and beverage service, the creation of emergency food parcels, and cleaning. I am pleased to say that our students were excellent ambassadors for the College and learnt about the importance of volunteering, as well as at the same time gaining some wonderful connections with students from Unity Grammar School.

Our students were also very fortunate to meet Rev Bill Crews, the founder of the Exodus Foundation. Rev Crews was the recipient of the 2015 NSW Human Rights Award which pays tribute to those who support the disadvantaged and marginalized and endeavor to make NSW a better community. We look forward to more opportunities with them in the future. For further information on the incredible work the Exodus Foundation does each and every day, please visit exodusfoundation.org.au/

I would like to thank Osman Karolia, Head of Community Engagement from Unity Grammar for helping provide this opportunity for our students.


The Art of Leadership: notes from Harvard University

By Martin Tait, College Principal


This week I have been inspired by passionate lecturers and professors, along with 132 other like-minded educators and leaders from across the globe through the course, “The Art of Leadership”, held at Harvard University, Boston. Besides having the privilege to be in an environment that promotes collaborative and open discussions along with experiential learning, the course provided an opportunity for school leaders to reflect on their practice, expand their skills, and become more effective leaders of instructional change. Masada College continues to have a close association with Harvard University through our Cultures of Thinking philosophy and Project Zero learnings. The following program norms to start the course definitely resonated with me and I think could be applied to multiple situations, no matter the environment. They are:

Be Present
– Be willing to embrace the cohort experience
– Give yourself permission for creative leadership reflection

Pay Attention
– Be in learning/reflecting mode

Speak Your Truth
– Be sensitive about confidentiality
– What’s said here stays here

Be Open to Outcomes
– Be aware of how the diversity competencies connect to your leadership
– What’s learned here leaves here

Create a Safe Environment
– Be sensitive to the multiple contexts represented amongst the participants
– Be mindful of the code of conduct

I look forward to further sharing my reflections upon my return to school.


Yr 9 Visit to St Edmunds College

By Martin Liu

On the 3rd of June, I went to the St Edmunds College. St Edmunds College is like a warm a family, they care for everyone. During this excursion, we learned how Braille works and we learned to play two sport games called goalball and blind cricket. The school teachers also taught us how to use the guide sticks to walk blindfolded, and told us how to help other blind people to navigate their world. We talked to other students in the school- they were friendly and welcoming.


Year 10 Living Historians Presentations

The Year 10 students should be congratulated on their interviews, polished presentations and singing performances for their chosen historians. Sincere thanks to our willing historians for sharing their stories: Ana Le Leon, Gaby de Leon, Egon Sonneschein, Lucy Chladek, Jacqui Dale and George Sternfeld for participating in the Living Historians program as our students learnt a great deal about their interesting lives and experiences and in the process have also made some wonderful connections. Whilst this meaningful program is important for our students to gain a deeper knowledge of the atrocities from the holocaust, it also helped them better understand the ideals of hope and forgiveness for the future. This program also links perfectly for our students with their trip to Israel and Poland for later in the school year. Thank you to Mrs Seftel for her tireless work and efforts in again leading the Living Historians program, along with Mr Turkia for guiding our students in their learning.

Year 2 Siddur Presentation

The Year 2 Siddur Presentation was once again a memorable event. This continues to be an important rite of passage that many of our Senior School students fondly remember when reminiscing on their time at Masada College. You only need to listen to our Year 12 students at their Valedictory Assembly at the conclusion of their time at the College. It was wonderful to witness our Year 2 students present and perform to families, friends and teachers, but most importantly it was encouraging to observe their excited and proud faces when presented with their siddurim. Thank you again to everyone involved in ensuring the success of the Siddur Presentation, especially Morah Tchelet and Morah Sheli for their incredible efforts and hard work in preparing the students so well.

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