Building a Thinking Culture

Drawing inspiration and experience from our decade-long journey in learning alongside the team at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education ‘Project Zero’ team, we offer an opportunity for educators and school leaders who want to develop and embed a thinking culture in their classrooms and schools.

Delving deeper from ‘Building Capability for Critical and Creative Thinking’, in this course we primarily draw on the research of Ron Ritchhart in ‘Creating Cultures of Thinking’, examining the cultural forces, beyond thinking routines.

Within this course, which runs over two days across the term, we will explore:

  • The cultural forces such as language, interactions, expectations, time, modelling, opportunities and environment – how might these support the development of a thinking culture in conjunction with thinking routines?
  • How might we create a thinking culture rather than just ‘do’ thinking?
  • How do we shape and mould a thinking culture to support student development as thinkers and learners capable of deep understanding?
  • How can we apply the cultural forces to make learning and assessment more relevant and meaningful?

Professional learners delve deeply, focussing on practical pedagogical moves we can make to demystify the creation of classroom and school culture which promotes thinking.

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