Building Capability for Critical and Creative Thinking

Drawing inspiration and experience from our decade-long journey in learning alongside the team at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education ‘Project Zero’ team, over 400 educators have now benefited from this highly interactive and impactful professional learning course.

Are you interested in making thinking visible within your classroom – in this course we primarily draw on the research of Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church and Karin Morrison from the ‘Making Thinking Visible’ book, alongside Ritchhart’s ‘Creating Cultures of Thinking’.

Within this course, which runs over two days during a term, we will explore:

  • How might teachers and school leaders place critical and creative thinking at the heart of what happens in classrooms and schools?
  • How might students become thinkers, rather than do thinking?
  • How might we avoid doing thinking routines in our classrooms and rather consider how to routinise thinking?
  • What can we do to create an atmosphere hospitable to good thinking?

In this highly acclaimed course, professional learners reflect on their practice and discover a rich and transformative approach for building students’ capability in critical and creative thinking.

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